BPM College was founded in 2003 in Haifa and today is one of the leading educational institutes in the world for studying Music, Audio Engineering, Music Production, DJing, and many more. Every year BPM teaches over 2,000 students on our physical campuses, and via our online studies platform. BPM is the first educational institute in Israel to be internationally recognized by leading music companies Native Instruments, Steinberg, Ableton and Image-Line, and was even picked by the Italian magazine DJ Mag as one of the leading colleges in the world for studying Audio Engineering & Music Production. BPM’s main campus is located in Tel-Aviv, the very heart of the Israeli music & cultural scene, along with an additional branch in Haifa and an online studies platform.

At BPM College, where aspiring musicians and audio enthusiasts shape their artistic journeys, the creative rhythm extends beyond the realm of music into unexpected avenues. One such fusion of excitement and chance can be found in the lively atmosphere of Plinko gambling game that occasionally take center stage during college events. The rhythmic thumping that students create while playing Plinko games mirrors the diverse rhythms and melodies cultivated within the college, creating an electrifying combination of musical passion and unpredictable fortune. As students pursue excellence in music production, DJing, and various audio specialties, they also embrace the dynamic unpredictability of Plinko, drawing parallels between the harmony of chance in the game and the finely-tuned compositions they craft in their studies at BPM College.
BPM College
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Our Vision

BPM was founded for the purpose of providing a nurturing home to music makers of various types of music, and to create a supportive platform for their growth.

BPM aspires to provide the knowledge and most professional tools, from leading & experienced lecturers, through contemporary dialogue and in an honest and accepting enivronment.

BPM taking the role of being one of the leading institutes isn’t taken for granted, and our process of improving our services, knowledge, equipment, and campuses is a never-ending process for us. BPM strives for excellence, and that is reflected in the maximization of each and every musician that studies with us.

The integral connection to the music industry is one of our leading values and is reflected in everything we do, in order to provide the musicians with various benefits and services that derive from that connection.

BPM encourages self-expression and allows each and every individual to seize their full potential, by their personal unique taste.

Music changed our lives – and we strive to influence others in the same way and pass the magic onwards.


The most practical and diverse music studies institute in the country

BPM College provides a variety of possibilities

BPM offers long-term and short-term courses in many fields of the music industry, making BPM one of the most versatile music institutes in Israel. Some of the main courses we offer:

BSP – A long-term course focused on Music Production, Audio Engineering, and Music Theory

EMP – A long-term course focused on Electronic Music Production

DMP – A single-semester course focused on Audio Engineering in home-studio environments

Singer-Songwriter – A 3 semesters-long course focused on Vocal Training, Performance and Songwriting

DJ –  An extended-semester course focused on the art of DJing

Cubase – A short-term course, focused on providing the students with the tools to make music with Cubase

Ableton Live – A short-term course, focused on providing the students with the tools to make music with Ableton Live


The educational method

The educational method BPM adopted is the practical, hands-on approach: Alongside theoretical studies, we allow our students to experiment in a pleasant up-to-date work environment, that contains equipment by the leading & most innovative brands in the industry. The students have access to fully-equipped classrooms, along with the most recent versions of software, and studios for professional recording, mix & mastering. Our campuses and studio facilities are open until late at night for the benefit of students & graduates.


BPM’s lecturer team

Our faculty members are working professionals, dedicated to expanding their own knowledge and sharing their real-life industry experience with our students. Our lecturer team includes Yossi Fine, Gal Padeh, Eitan Reiter, Yehezkel Raz, Hagai Davidoff, Yariv Etzion, Adi Ulmansky, and many more. Our lecturers provide professional, instant down-to-earth feedback during classes and breaks, and function as mentors for each and every student.


Integration of our students & graduates in projects and leading industry events

Integration of our students & graduates in the industry is one of our leading values. Our graduates get to DJ in monthly BPM Takeover events that take place in leading clubs in the local scene and also get to take part in festivals like DocAviv, Utopia, Expo and major events like TLV Night run. Additionally, BPM assists students & graduates in promotion and PR via many marketing platforms, which also includes projects and productions with well-known artists.


BPM co-operates with many industry figures

Among our professional collaborators, you can find KZRadio – The successful alternative radio station broadcasting from BPM’s campus, studio performances created in collaboration with leading websites like Walla!, TimeOut, NRG, and Mako, collaborative events with Teder, the Tel-Aviv based pop-up radio initiative, the founding of a radio station in the InDNegev festival, recording of the ‘Jam88’ with the 88FM radio station in BPM’s studio facilities, and more.

Professional Masterclasses

BPM360 in collaboration with NRG

Our Marketing Department

Initiation of activities like our international remix competitions (BPMRemix), our singer-songwriter competitions encouraging creativity and allowing our students & graduates to get exclusive exposure in the music industry and win prizes like studio equipment, student scholarships, production of a song and video for the winners, and more. Additionally, BPM hosts events and masterclasses with the best music makers and producers in a variety of genres, including Infected Mushroom, Assaf Amdursky, Gilad Kahana, Yishay Swissa, Astrix, Captain Hook, Mr. Bill, Yarden ‘Jordi’ Peleg, BLiSS, Doron Medalie and many more. The students get to enjoy a diverse array of activities, including live performances and social events on our very own rooftop.


Music Studies in English

Currently, our courses are conducted in Hebrew on our Tel Aviv campus.

Please leave us your email address so that we can keep you posted once we’ll have English classes available on our campus or online.

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BPMREMIX & Other Industry Platforms

BPM College is the founder of BPMREMIX, an international remix competition with thousands of annual submissions.

The BPM Master Classes hosted each month are led by the best international artists, such as DJ Shiftee, Derrick May, Matt Black, Roni Size, Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Juno Reactor, Balkan Beat Box, Orphaned Land and many more.

BPM also takes part in hosting masterclasses, music events and various other problems, featuring both local and international artists, like Fatboy Slim, Minilogue, Born DIrty, Infected Mushroom, Freedom Fighters, Liquid Soul, BLiSS and Derrick May.

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